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Washington County Leadership Institute

There is no cost to participate in the Washington County Leadership Institute, but participants must commit to leadership development and WCLI assignments beyond class time. The application serves as a contract for participation, with applicants agreeing to attend all sessions and commit additional time beyond WCLI meetings.

  • Due to constraints related to Covid-19, the Washington County Leadership Institute will not offer a 2021 session.

  • the WCLI 2021 Alumni Think tank began February 25th!

Are you ready for WCLI?

I am committed to being a change agent for Washington County.

I aspire to be more effective in whatever role is important to me.

I do not feel I am a leader but have the drive to learn.

I want to understand the geographic and economic diversity of Washington County.

I am already a leader but looking for a fresh view.

 Class Schedule

The program includes nine day-long sessions, approximately two weeks apart, in various locations across the county, affording participants a unique opportunity to experience each community they visit in a new light. This is particularly true of lifelong residents of the county who may drive through a community every day but never realize what’s going on in their back yard until they’ve participated in the Institute.


The Team Leader’s Role & Team Building

2 Day Retreat (days only)

  • Leadership concepts, styles, roles, models
  • Leading teams and groups of people
  • Valuing differences (gender, class, race, power)
  • The leader’s role in Washington County and beyond


  • The importance of non-verbal communication
  • Dialogue, discussion, and debating skills
  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Leading effective meetings: facilitation & presentation
Networking & Collaborating


  • Cooperation, coalition building, collaboration, and consensus building
  • The value of the leadership network
  • Ways to look for commonality in issues
  • Negotiating differences/conflict resolution
Strategic Thinking & Problem Solving


  • Washington County and beyond – the global picture
  • Entrepreneurial thinking and its role in project and program success
  • Problems as challenges and opportunities
  • Bringing out the best thinking in others
Planning & Organizing


  • Ways to engage the group in the planning process
  • Delegation and motivation skills
  • The relationship between power and influence
  • Project management methods
Understanding Community & Economic Development


  • The values of community development
  • The difference between economic growth & economic development
  • Indicators of a healthy economy – including public health
  • Community & economic development resources
Understanding State & Local Government


  • The role of government in small communities
  • Services provided by state & local government
  • Issues and regulations facing our county
  • Personal impact on local government
The Future! Celebrating and Continuing


  • Putting the pieces together
  • Preparing for the future
  • Graduation day
  • Alumni opportunities


Brian Frutchey

“Great experience and we got the opportunity to learn more about all the communities throughout Washington County.”  “I feel like I have a better understanding of the needs throughout the county.”

Joanne Cushing

“The WCLI 2019 program was an awesome experience. I met some great people that I look forward to continuing a relationship. The places we went and people we meet were truly inspirational. I would recommend this program to anyone in a leadership role or looking to be in the future.”

Spencer McCormick

“Every town we went to, including my own, I learned about new developments and initiatives creating positive change in our county.”  “Eye opening experience in the place I grew up.”

Supporting Professional Certifications

The WCLI is invested in your personal and professional development, and partners with the University of Maine at Machias to make continuing education units available for WCLI participants.  Continuing education offers a way for you to earn the credit hours needed to keep professional certifications current while participating in the program.  

To be eligible for CEU’s, you must attend all sessions!

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